Cushion Cover

Your cushion cover was made in the UK in June 2021.

It was made from 100% upcycled fabric derived from fashion industry waste. It is made up of 60% cotton, 30% polyester and 10% other fabrics.

The yarn used to make your cushion cover is made by a Spanish company that upcycles textile waste from the fashion industry and the fabric is sourced from a mill in Alicante, Spain. This is the highest quality upcycled fabric that we have been able to source to date. We would love to work with a UK supplier – but currently, we have not been able to source a similar fabric of the same quality in the UK.

Any pattern on your cushion has been digitally printed in the UK. We have rigorously tested this process using our upcycled fabric as it is the first time that this type of fabric has been printed in this way and we are excited to be leading the way. The inks used are Azo dye free.

Our fabric is cut by hand in the UK and sent to our Derbyshire based manufacturer to be sewn. Our zips are sourced in the UK and are made from nylon.


Your care label was printed in the Netherlands in February 2021.

Your care label is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and printed using Oekotex 100 certified inks. When researching materials for care labels we had to choose between recycled polyester or a virgin organic cotton as currently we are unable to source a recycled cotton label (which would have been our preference). We opted for organic cotton – and you can read more about our position on materials and what informs our decision-making process here.

Your brand label was woven in the UK in February 2021.

Your woven brand tags are made from 100% recycled polyester. We aren’t big fans of polyester (you can read more about that here) but we have been unable to source a better alternative for a high-quality woven tag that isn't priced way out of our reach. However, the material is 100% recycled and is recyclable and your tag was created by a lovely UK based company.


Your filler was made in the UK in June 2021.

Your filler is made from 100% recycled feathers – sourced by an innovative company based in Lugo, Italy. Your feathers have been tested in the UK to ensure they comply with cleanliness and ignition regulations.

Studies have shown that down has an 85-97% lower environmental impact than alternative polyester fills.⁣ Your feathers are 100% recycled - this means that they have been derived from post-consumer products that would have been destined for landfill. The process to clean these feathers uses 75% less water and soap, and 50% less energy than processing virgin feathers.

The liner fabric is 100% cotton made in China and sourced by our UK based manufacturer who sew and fill the liners. To date we haven’t been able to source an upcycled fabric that passes the ‘down test’ (e.g. will not let feathers pass through) but we are working hard on this and we hope to find a recycled fabric that ticks the boxes soon.


The bespoke packaging your cushion arrived in is made from cutting room floor waste and is hand-made in the UK.

To protect it during transit your cushion was individually wrapped in brown paper – that we encourage to be reused and/or recycled. The paper is sealed with biodegradable stickers made by a UK based company.

Your accompanying postcard and insert are printed in the UK on recycled paper.

Find out more on Materials

Polyester can be recycled in one of two ways, requiring fewer resources than that of new fibres and generating fewer CO2 emissions:

For mechanical recycling, plastic is melted to make new yarn. This process can only be done a few times before the fibre loses its quality.Chemical recycling involves breaking down the plastic molecules and reforming them into yarn. This process maintains the quality of the original fiber and allows the material to be recycled infinitely, but it is more expensive.

Most recycled polyester textile (in particular rPet) is not made of re-calibrated polyester cloth, but from recycled plastic bottles

Preferred Cotton types comprise up to 22% of total cotton produced – some 5,967 of 26,664 mts, a 400% increase in five years.  It is grown in 30 countries in 2017/18, but more than 95 percent of all preferred cotton was grown in ten countries: Brazil, China, Pakistan, India, USA, Australia, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, and Turkey.

Cotton can also be recycled to make new yarn and garments, although there is not very much of it (only 0.7% of total global cotton is recycled) and the quality of recycled cotton is lower, so it often needs to be blended with virgin or preferred cotton or recycled polyester.

Second Life Guarantee

All our products are designed to be loved again. With our Second Life Guarantee, we promise to take full responsibility for our products and packaging, forever. When you’re ready for a refresh, we’ll give you a free and convenient way to send us back your now, sit down products in return for credit. We’ll then make sure they go on to live a happy second, third or fourth life.

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