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How it Works

Send us your used cushions for £10 credit. Read on or we can send you an email with all the details

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On receipt we’ll give you £10 credit to spend on your next purchase

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Bask in the knowledge that your old cushions are going to go on to live a happy second life.

Or you can return your used cushions for free in our reusable packaging after you have received your new ones

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When they arrive, pop your old cushions in our reusable packaging and send to us using the free returns label

On receipt we will give you £10 credit that you can spend on a future purchase

Bask in the knowledge that your old cushions are going to go on to live a happy second life

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Why should you join our Cushion Swap?

The UK discards over 20 million pieces of furniture annually, and only a fraction of it is recycled. Used cushions usually have only one fate when you get rid of them, and that’s landfill.

Through the world’s first Cushion Swap, we promise to give your used cushions their best second life, which might mean:

Keeping them in use by finding them a new home
Using them to make our reusable packaging
Taking them apart so that the materials they’re made of can be used for something else

Our goal is to make it the norm to create and consume products within a closed-loop system. You can read about this idea in more detail here but the gist is that we aim to keep our products in use for as long as possible. And when they’re no longer usable, their parts can be broken back down into raw materials and used again in the supply chain – just as valuable as they were before the original product was made. It’s a system in which nothing is wasted.