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Having always felt deeply about our need to look after our planet and to restore our connection to the natural world – Kate and Louise harboured a desire to do something to stop the damage we were causing with our mindless consumption and hellbent focus on growth at all costs.
It was when Louise was looking to get rid of some old cushions and a sofa, that it hit home how hard it was to get rid of bulky items, such as furniture, in a convenient and sustainable way. There was also very little choice when it came to finding stylish eco-friendly alternatives to replace them with.
And so now, sit down was born. Kate and Louise partnered with award-winning furniture designer Charlie Fowler and sustainability expert Andrew Magowan and together they created a line of sustainable and stylish home furnishings that were created in a circular system – a system where nothing is wasted.
Now, sit down launched its range of premium and 100% upcycled cushions in March – and will soon be revealing its circular sofa and work table.