About Us

Conscious Living Starts Here

Having always felt deeply about the need to look after the planet, Kate and Louise harboured a desire to do something to stop the damage we humans are causing with our mindless consumption and hellbent focus on growth at all costs.

now, sit down was born from a belief that it’s possible to have the things we want without hurting the planet – but this requires businesses to step up and take full responsibility for the products they bring into our world. Change is needed, and for Kate and Louise, the most obvious place to start is in our homes.

The home furnishing industry is blighted by clunky, old-fashioned processes, poorly made products, cheap materials, questionable chemicals and inflexible designs. All this leads to over 20 million pieces of furniture being discarded each year in the UK alone –of which 90% ends up in landfill.

Partnering with award-winning furniture designer Charlie Fowler and sustainability expert Andrew Magowan, Kate and Louise have created a line of sustainable and stylish home furnishings that exist in a circular system – a system where nothing is wasted.

now, sit down launched its range of premium, 100% upcycled cushions in July 2021, and will soon be revealing their modular sofa and work side table.

Why are we doing this?

Over 20 million pieces of furniture are discarded in the UK each year – enough to fill over 100,000 houses.
There are many companies producing beautiful, high-quality furniture, but very few producing beautiful, high-quality furniture sustainably, or even trying to do so. Consumers simply don’t have the choice they deserve.
Only 10% of furniture waste is recycled. When your old furniture is taken away by the retailer who delivers your shiny new stuff, be under no illusions: it will most likely end up in landfill or incinerated.
Each year, over 15 million cubic metres of landfill space is taken by up by sofas – that’s around 6,000 Olympic swimming pools or 2,000 football pitches. In your lifetime, your household will add around 8 sofas to that number.
We believe we can help reduce the scale of waste produced by the furniture and home furnishing industry by operating in a circular system.

B Corp Pending Certification

Illustration with a b-corp pending logo in the middle. The illustration contains of a number of people doing day to day things, lots of plants and furniture.

now, sit down is proud to be a Pending B-Corp. B-Corp certification isn’t easy to get, and that's what makes it so meaningful.

We’re committed to acting in a sustainable and transparent way, meeting the highest environmental and social standards in all that we do. Rather than focusing solely on profits for shareholders, we take our employees, our suppliers, the environment and the wider community into consideration in the way we operate.

B-Corp certification shows the world what our company stands for. We will uphold the high standards of B-Corp both while our certification is pending and after it’s made official, and we look forward to joining this esteemed collective soon.

Our Commitments


Second Life Guaranteed

We take full responsibility for all our products and packaging, forever. Our products are delivered in reusable packaging, so if you send something back to us, you can rest assured it’ll be used time and time again. And when it’s time to give your home a makeover, our Second Life Guarantee gives you a free and easy way to return your old products to us – so say goodbye to the guilt and inconvenience of throwing out unwanted things (or worse, taking them to the tip).


Products designed to be loved again

From the moment we first put pen to paper, we’re thinking about how the products we design can go on to live again. From the materials we use to how easy they are to build and take apart, all our products are designed so that you can easily refresh all or part of them, any time you like.


Be more good – not just less bad

We are on a journey to be more good and our goal is to be fully transparent on where we are on that journey. Every one of our products comes with their own unique tag - so you can scan the tag and find out exactly what your product has been made from and where and how it was been made. Right now, we’re proud to be able to say that our products are by far ‘less bad’ than the alternative options out there. But we want to do more than that. Our big long-term goal is to create products that help to put more good back into our planet. To that end, we’re working with innovative thinkers and suppliers on how we can build more good into our products and systems.


Working in partnership

We believe in the power of community to drive change. That’s why we’re partnering with like-minded businesses – as well as with you, our customers – to raise awareness of the issues facing our industry. Together, we want to find solutions that make it easy for everyone to make the right choices and to do more good, creating a positive ripple effect for the world.