How connected are you with your home?

In his latest book Lost Connections, Johann Hari talks about the areas we need to focus on in order to fulfil our psychological needs. He discusses the need for community, meaningful values and work, and a connection to the natural world. 
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In the pre-Covid world, these were things easily enough attained in our day-to-day lives, whether from office life, the freedom to indulge in our hobbies, spending time with friends or serendipitous encounters. The pandemic robbed us of much of this, and in many respects, our homes have had to step in to fill the void left behind.

That’s why in the last year or so, our living spaces have taken on greater significance. We’ve spent an unprecedented amount of time in them thanks to the pandemic, and it’s no surprise that a recent study by IKEA found that many of us thought of our homes as sanctuaries at this difficult time.

According to the report, “The pandemic has revealed that we need our own shelters, and those shelters need to provide us with much more than we thought we needed.” Yet fewer than half of those surveyed felt that their homes had met their emotional needs during lockdown. Has yours?

If the answer is ‘not really’, don’t worry - there are changes you can make to how you live in your home to make you feel more connected with it. Here are a few ideas for starters...

  • Fill your home with meaning.

Surround yourself with things that reflect your values. For example, if you care about preserving the natural world, then having things in your home that enable you to do that - such as refillable or zero waste products, or sustainably made homewares - can continually remind you of those values.

  • Bring nature into your home

With little else to occupy us during lockdown but walking, the pandemic has resparked our connection to the natural world and allowed us to discover - or rediscover - our local outdoors, whether it’s urban parks or open countryside. So we’re going greener indoors and filling our homes with plant life - which comes with the added bonus of cleaner air!

  • Get ready to welcome people into your home.

As we emerge from lockdown, our homes will no longer be no-go zones for our friends. It’s a great opportunity to reconfigure our living rooms so that the television is no longer the focal point. Box sets are finally out, and social gatherings are finally on the horizon - so is sitting in a line rather than face-to-face really the best way to hold conversations and share social experiences?

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