Does your home nudge you to be more sustainable?

“In light of the global pandemic and all of the changes that have come along with it, design me the home of the future.” 

The results were two very different visions of the future: The Pulmo House (aka the Lung) and The Nudge Home. Futuristic though they are, we think they both have inspiration to offer us when it comes to living more consciously in our homes right now.

Pulmo Futuristic House with roots
[Perkins & Will; Pulmo House - as featured in Fast Company]

The interesting thing about the Pulmo House is that it literally has roots growing into the ground, providing the foundations for the building. The architect describes these as “a reference to the way the building interacts with the earth in a symbiotic way… versus an aggressive mode of piercing the earth and extracting”. With transparent membranes as walls, the Pulmo House is designed to keep the bad things out while connecting you with the outside world.

Nudge Home Illustration with a woman and a dog
[Perkins Eastman; Nudge Home- as featured in Fast Company]

The Nudge Home is a different proposition altogether. It’s a building programmed to change the behaviour of its occupants, nudging them into living healthier and more sustainable lives. It’s full of tech, screens and gadgets to help do this, like a fridge that suggests healthy recipes based on what it can tell is inside it.

Here’s what we’ve taken from these two different visions of the future of our homes:

  • The Pulmo House has inspired us to see our homes almost as living things, and while they’re not yet quite able to “filter out the bad stuff” like “germs or digital misinformation”, we can do our best to make sure our homes are free from bad stuff like products that aren’t good for the environment.
  • The Nudge Home got us thinking about how our homes could encourage sustainable habits. One thing we’ve been trying is having just one bin for the whole house, with the rest outside, so that whenever we want to throw something away it’s a conscious act to go outside and choose the correct bin.

Kate & Louise 

Co-founders now, sit down

As these visionary homes of the future demonstrate, little nudges towards positive behaviour change often come from external influences. That’s why, when we started planning our business, we also started planning to build a community of businesses with values like ours - businesses also operating in the circular economy. We called it ‘In the Loop’, and through it we’re driving a #livecircular campaign. We’re doing this because we believe the world needs it, and because we want to give our customers an easy way to find businesses with values that match theirs.

We’re continually learning from each other and using these shared experiences to keep improving the way we do things here at now, sit down.

If you’re in the market for products that you can be sure are good for the planet, visit the We Are In the Loop online directory and give @weareintheloop a follow - it’s time to #livecircular.