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Second Life Guarantee

Join us to live circular

We carefully consider everything that goes into our products and packaging. We not only aim to use recycled or sustainable materials to make them, but we also make choices based on how these materials can be used again.

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Sofa, table and a chair on top of planet earth


How hard is it to get a few cushions made?

A question at a recent planning meeting. All we needed were a few cushion samples, but it turned out that the answer to this question was, "when you want to do it right, much harder than you’d think!”.

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90% of furniture discarded in the UK ends up in landfill - we don’t want yours to suffer the same fate.

Together we can Close the Loop

now, sit down was born from a belief that it’s possible to have the things we want without hurting the planet – but this requires businesses to step up and take full responsibility for the products they bring into our world.
The home furnishing industry is blighted by clunky, old-fashioned processes, poorly made products, cheap materials, questionable chemicals and inflexible designs.

All this leads to over 20 million pieces of furniture being discarded each year in the UK alone – of which 90% ends up in landfill.

Our home furnishings are sustainably made and are the perfect choice for the ethical home. Made from non-virgin or sustainable materials, tagged with a personalised product passport and sold with our Second Life Guarantee. Choose from our range of sustainable cushions and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear when our modular sofa and side work table are revealed.

now, sit down is a pending B corp and we are committed to working in partnership with other businesses and consumers to raise awareness of the issues facing our industry.

Because conscious living starts here.